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Dr. Lisa Precht

Dr. Lisa Precht

Head of Customer Care & Conversational AI, IBM DACH

Are you wondering how you can use digital assistants and artificial intelligence in your company in a meaningful way while taking ethical aspects into account? Get in touch with me!

Lisa is the Head of Customer Care & Conversational AI @ IBM DACH and leads a cross-functional team of experts for all challenges around conversational AI.

She has a background in psychology, including industrial and organizational psychology, complex technological systems, and the ways they interact with humans.

In her roles at Siemens AG and Airbus Group Innovations, Lisa had a chance to explore user interface design and research complex domains like ‘Adaptive Task Allocation in Complex Human-Machine Systems’.

Lisa then got an exciting opportunity to start a dissertation at BMW Group. Based on the worldwide largest naturalistic driving data set SHRP2, she analyzed the effects of cognitive distraction on driving performance to derive requirements and best practices for user interface design of a cockpit.

Following the dissertation, Lisa became the global Lead VUI Designer of BMW Group’s Intelligent Personal Assistant – using her knowledge of psychology and driver distraction to design both great and safe voice control experiences for all BMWs including the Intelligent Personal Assistant worldwide.

Today, she brings her experience from designing numerous dialogs of various domains to creating voice experiences with Watson Assistant that simplify and optimize the daily life and work of IBM’s clients and partners.

Expert and speaker on topics related to psychology, AI and conversational AI.

How do psychology, AI, and conversational AI in particular interact? What makes the operating modality speech so special? What are its strengths and weaknesses and how do they interact with systems and humans?

Feel free to contact me for your event or conference on this topic.

Panelist at “Talk am Tor – Chancen von KI für den Wirtschaftsstandort Europa”

Should we focus on the benefits of #AI and look forward to a future where humans and algorithms work hand in hand to overcome the biggest challenges together?

Or should we be extremely cautious about AI, weigh its risks and regulate it as much as possible? Can AI be compared to human intelligence – and does it pose a threat to us because it could become “superintelligent”?

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Even if the danger of superintelligence through AI belongs to the realm of myths, every processing of data is always accompanied by the risk of misinterpretation and misuse by humans. At the same time, there is a huge opportunity, especially in the collaboration of humans and AI.

I was very happy to discuss these and other topics with Wolfgang Hauner and State Secretary Mario Brandenburg at the panel discussion “Talk am Tor – Chancen von KI für den Wirtschaftsstandort Europa” (Talk at the Gate – Opportunities of AI for Europe as a Business Location).

These important topics are still sometimes discussed in a very one-sided and abridged way. For this reason, events like this, with panelists who are contributing different areas of focus, are valuable and can open up new perspectives.

You can read more about my perspective on artificial and human intelligence in this article.

Photos: Frank Nürnberger / Studio10117

Talk at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

It was a real pleasure for me to speak about “voice control and chat bots in 2022 – best practices and exciting applications” at the KSRI Speaker Series at KIT.
The discussion with the students and staff was highly interesting and the exchange about their research projects a real privilege.

Talk at Fintropolis

How can people benefit from #AI and meaningful conversations around banking topics?
And how do we need to design #conversationalai so that it can really add value?
I was able to discuss these and other questions with many highly interesting colleagues from the banking sector at #Atruvia‘s #Fintropolis.
How we can make a difference for customers and employees with successful conversational AI was of great interest to many participants.
Fintropolis was really an exciting and successful event with forward-looking impulses about the banking of tomorrow. I was very happy to have been part of it.

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